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In today’s global competitive environment, industrial building facility managers and owners are faced with the challenge of reducing maintenance costs while increasing operational efficiency and company profitability.

Lumenix’s LED retrofit solutions are the easiest way to reduce the building's lighting electricity costs by up to 90% while also significantly reducing the bulb maintenance cost for industrial and manufacturing facilities. LED bulbs can also provide higher quality lighting which can increase the safety and operational efficiencies of the building while playing a key role in reducing your carbon footprint.

Lumenix is a full-service lighting integrator and we make the process seamless for you from start to finish. Now, with our Zero Down Payment Plan you can use your guaranteed savings and maximum government rebates to pay for the installation without affecting your cash flow. With current government rebate and incentive programs, 80% of industrial projects have a 24 month or less payback period, making a Lumenix retrofit an easy decision.


  • Pay with Savings Financing
  • Best in Class 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty
  • Fastest Installation in the Industry
  • Significantly Reduce Building’s Environmental Footprint
  • Custom Light Modeling to Fit Facility Needs
  • Be Cash Flow Positive for Your Operating Budget


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