Marilyn Monroe Towers | Lumenix
Calgary Waterfront High-Rise Condominium
September 20, 2017
Fairmont Pacific Rim
September 29, 2017

Marilyn Monroe Towers

31-storey condominium with 313 suites. Retrofit of lobbies, elevators, suite corridors, stairwells and ooperatioins areas.

Before: 826 CFL fixtures, sconces and pot lights; 216
4-foot florescent tubes; 46 talogen pot lights
After: 826 LED fixtures, sconce and pot light retrofit kits;
216 4-foot LED tubes; 46 LED pot lights
Annual Savings: 65% reduction or 218,380 kWh
Payback Period: 20 Months
5-Year Cash Savings: $152,825
Gov’t Rebates: $2,080