LED Retrofits Made Easy

Lumenix wants you to expect more when choosing a lighting partner.   A lighting retrofit is a critical investment.   Each project requires the right solution for your building and an experienced team capable of executing at each stage of the project.  

Our team will manage your LED retrofit, every step of the way.  

Free on-site detailed audit of building
Asses Options
Suggest best lighting retrofit options
Refine Solution
Customize solution to building's needs
On-site inspection and pre-approval of government rebate
Install usually takes 3 to 5 days
Post Inspection
ESA, LDC (Rebates), Final review
Rebate Collection
Post-completion paperwork & tracking
Closing Package
Warranty Certificates and Case Study
Annual Routine
Walk-through and inspection of bulbs
Energy Savings Tracker
Understand energy savings impact
Additional Lighting
Access new solutions as they become available

Full Service Benefits

  • As your lighting partner, we manage every aspect of the project
  • Certified products – all qualify for rebates with DLC/Energy Star ratings
  • Government rebate processing and management
  • Clean installation and disposal by certified electricians
  • 5-year, no-hassle parts & service warranty covering all parts and service
  • Option to pay with savings and 0% financing

“The Lumenix staff were courteous, responsive and a pleasure to have at our board meeting.”

“The board and our residents are delighted with the increased brightness, light quality, and sense of safety in our parking lot and other retrofitted areas. We were also pleased with the lack of disruption to our residents during the installation.”

“Rather than pitching product, Lumenix had a conversation with our condo board. They listened and responded with the solution we needed.”

“In the spring of 2013, Lumenix replaced the T12 and T8 fluorescent tube lighting in the parking garage, and compact fluorescent bulbs in the lobby and hallways with new LEDs. Compared to our old lighting, the LEDs are brighter, more pleasant and cost much less to operate.”

“Lumenix completed our LED retrofit with excellent service, professional work and competitive prices. They were very helpful in completing the Toronto Hydro Rebate application – and even guaranteed the rebate on contract.”

“After we booked an audit, within 48 hours we had a clear, detailed proposal. These guys know what they’re doing.”

“After working with Lumenix on a first retrofit, we chose their team again for their commitment in customizing the solution, working with our residents’ schedules and making the process as easy on us as possible. Both projects have a great return on investment and Lumenix’s 0% financing option made it easy for us to decide to purchase.”

Your needs

  • The best quality and value
  • Full service and financing
  • Commitment for the future

Our Promise

  • Customized solutions
  • Experienced team with proven track record
  • Industry’s leading warranty and service plans